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Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2 Stockholm


Beställ din take away-middag från oss på Beer Garden.
Färdiglagat och redo att avnjutas hemma!

Våra menyer räcker till 4-6 portioner.
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Sista dagen att beställa  är 30/12
Sista dagen att hämta din middagskasse är 29/12

Beställ din take away-middag via mail på: beer@munchenbryggeriet.se.
I din beställning ska du uppge vilken middagsmeny du önskar att beställa, till vilket datum och tid du vill hämta upp den, samt kontaktuppgifter till dig som beställer. 
Har du allergier samt andra önskemål ska detta även uppges i beställningen.

Observera att beställning skall vara inne senast 24 timmar
innan önskat avhämtningsdatum. 

Betalning sker i samband med beställningen,
vi skickar en betallänk till de kontaktuppgifter du uppgivit
i din beställning.  Betalningen sker med kort (MasterCard och VISA) eller Swish. Betalning kan tyvärr inte göras på plats vid upphämtning av take away-middag.

Din mat kommer vara färdig för upphämtning på Winter Beer Garden,
Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, på den överenskomna tiden. 

Vid frågor och speciella önskemål så som mindre menyer, m.m. kontakta oss: beer@munchenbryggeriet.se


After the overwhelming positive response from you, the public, to our open-air Beer Garden and Global Food Court this summer, we have now decided to continue our ongoing attempt to safely brighten up Stockholm a little in these culturally dark, and deteriorating times. So, we are now moving a similar concept indoors into our warm, safe, spacious event hall.

We again will be serving fun, delicious, imaginative, decadent street food, from all over the world, for a decent price, that was so appreciated last summer. The same group of chefs from the summer are here again, known collective as The Eatles, they are Gerry, Nico, Kevin, Pablo, and fifth Eatle Claes.

We are transforming our event hall into a spacious Restaurant/Winter Beer Garden with, plants, décor, Aquarium, and Taproom, and with a most wonderful view of Stockholm bay and city, including City Hall.  Again, we will be serving our OWN ecological craft beers, brewed on site at our brewery (The oldest standing brewery in Sweden) by our Master Brewer “Stefan Risberg”. Stefan has brewed a new selection specially for the season, including 3 Munich style beers to help create an October festival feeling.  To help further create the munich festival theme we have added German/Austrian food to our menu choice. (see menus on website) Other beer brands including Spendrups will be available. We are also setting up an Imaginate cocktail bar with emphasis on a locally (Södermalm) distilled gin “Stockholms Bränneri” and a Swedish whiskey “Mackmyra” (see website for menu).

The music shall reflect the food and atmosphere, with an exciting, and eclectic mix of Jazz, World, Soul, Rock,  Americana, Electronic, Reggae, Folk,  and Soundtracks… Track selections, and public announcements by Electric Garden Radio, with guest DJ’s.

We have now also built a stage (AT LAST) with hi-tec sound and light, we are working on a program to suit all tastes.


With the current situation and restrictions that effects all of us this summer of 2020, we have decided to attempt to brighten up Stockholm a little. From today we are opening an open-air Beer Garden and Global Food Court in our spacious outdoor courtyard. We will be serving fun, delicious, imaginative, up-market street/courtyard food, for a decent price, from all around the world. Some Brands and friends are helping us with the food concept.

We have transformed our courtyard into a spacious Beer Garden with flowers, plants, and décor, complete with outdoor Taproom and Summer Drinks/Wine bar. We will be serving our OWN ecological craft beers, brewed on site at our brewery (The oldest standing in Sweden) by our Master Brewer Stefan Risberg. Other beer brands will be available.

The music shall reflect the food and atmosphere, with Jazz, World, Soul, Americana, Electronic, Reggae, Soundtracks… Track selections, and public announcements by Electric Garden Radio. If, and when permitted by the authorities we will invite guest DJs and Live acts.

The Brands/Friends for the food concept are:

 – Half Greek and a Turk (Middle East/Greek/Turk Mezza)

 – CHINDO POP (Tastes of all Asia)

 – Taco Loco (Mexican cuisine)

 – Münchenbryggeriet (Swedish/European cuisine)

 – Ice Cream hand made by Taverna Brillo.

The chefs executing this project are:

Juan Pablo Campillo (Spain/Mexico, born in Mexico City), Juan Pablo was educated at the Paul Bocuse Culinary Institute in Lyon, he has worked at 3 Michelin star restaurants Cordon Blue, and Guy Savoy Paris, and with Michelle Bernstein in Miami and Cancun.  Representing Taco Locos

Uluc Telmen (Sweden/Turkey) Uluc was born in Stockholm and has owned, and been involved with such Stockholm Club and restaurant institutions as East, Gino, and Halv Grek Plus Turk. Representing Halv Grek Plus Turk

Claes Hedlind (born Stockholm), Claes has been Executive Chef at Münchenbryggeriet since 2006. Before that he ran his own catering company, and has worked at City Conference Center, Van der Nootska Palace, Stockholm’s Wine Cellar. Representing Münchenbryggeriet

Kevin Lauw (born in the Netherlands), Kevin is a self-taught chef who has worked at the exclusive Kahyangan restaurant in Jakarta, also at Bistro Bardot Netherlands, and Eriks Bazar Stockholm. Representing CINDO POP

Nicolas (Nico) Hugeria (born Bogota Colombia), Nico was educated at the Paul Bocuse Culinary Institute in Lyon, he has worked at 3-star Michelin Le Doyen, and Les Elysées du Vernet in Paris, Le Rouge Stockholm, and Kaah Siis Mexico City. Representing Taco Locos

Gerard Tyrell (born Dublin), Gerry was trained at the Cathal Brugha School of Culinary Arts and Food Technology, has worked at Stakis Hilton hotel Dublin, Carlton Highland Scotland, Gripsholms Vardhus Mariefred, and Berns Salong Stockholm. Representing Greek and Half a Turk/Taco Locos

Ice Cream is made daily, from completely organic products, such as fresh Italian fruit, Italian chocolate and Swedish organic cream by Taverna Brillo’s own ice cream master ”Alena Markovitz”.

We will be open all days that the Swedish weather permits.

From 15 July until 16 August